The Purpose

We seek to boost competitiveness and performance of small to midsize U.S. manufacturing businesses to allow increased domestic production and job opportunities. 

The Vision

Help improve the competitiveness of 1,000 U.S. based small to midsize manufacturing businesses. 

The Mission

We will educate, motivate, and facilitate through hands on coaching and work with customer teams leveraging strategy, lean, advanced manufacturing, technology, and organizational change leadership to drive continuous improvement, exceed goals, and ensure sustainable gains. 

About Us

We are a team of practitioners with the skills and backgrounds to help small to mid-size manufacturing companies improve and become more competitive. With decades of experience across many industries, as well as the competencies to focus on providing solutions via lean, manufacturing engineering, advanced technology, or coaching manufacturing leadership, we can provide the mix needed to boost performance and get you ahead. 

Let's face it, if you are not improving, you are declining. There is no status quo. Don't let you competitors, especially off shore competitors, beat you, or your customers take work away from you.  Don't give them a choice. 

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